My phone has been broken for weeks so I’ve not been able to write anything for a while but now I’m back! I’ve recently just been to a music festival and I decided to share my experience!I went to Creamfields last year but only for the Saturday & Sunday… this year, I went for the whole 4 days! 
Over the last summer bank holidays I spent in a field, listening to music, having fun and getting drunk! 

Packing for a festival is hard work! I didn’t actual pack anything to prepare me for if it rained like it was expected to other than a waterproof jacket and a shower cap (obviously didn’t want my hair to get wet hah!) I packed wellies, but they’re a must for any festival right? Plus mine flashed whenever I walked (bought off ASOS) I ended up taking a suitcase full of alcohol, fizzy drinks & water and I took my backpack for clothes and everything else! 

First Day!

I started off with getting up at 2am 24th to start getting ready, my friend picked me up at 3am and we drove to another friends house, we properly set off at 5am, it took us 2-3 hours to drive to Daresbury (a small village inbetween Liverpool and Manchester) we then spent hours upon hours queuing to get in, get ID checked, go through security and get searched, walk past police dogs and get our wrist bands! I didn’t actually get to camp until 6:30pm! Once everything was sorted I was finally able to mix a vodka and pink lemonade before we headed out to the silent disco to see Philip George!
Because of the long day we’d had we grabbed cheesy chips and settled into the tent about midnight, I hated camping! Wrapped up in layers and still freezing as well as very uncomfortable, with the noise of everyone drunk around you, I’d finally nodded off, only to wake up as soon as the sun rose as it lit up the tent! There was only one thing to do right? Get up, get breakfast and start drinking again?
Second Day!

We had a (very expensive) food van no longer than a 30 second walk from our tent away which we classed as “our local” I had a sausage butty in the morning (and every other morning) then headed to get dressed and get ready, music didn’t start until 3pm so we had plenty of time! We all sat around the middle of our tents, playing drinking games and having fun! When we were ready, we all headed out to the arena! 

We went to see; Sigma and The Chainsmokers​

​​When we were ready to head back I bought some of the best chicken noodles I’ve ever had (also the most expensive noodles I’ve ever had) then I prepared myself for another cold uncomfortable nights sleep! 

Third Day!

The sun woke me up early again! Today was the main day so music started at midday and didn’t finish until 4am followed by the Mayweather vs McGregor boxing match being played on a big screen! After getting ready we stayed around the tents until mid afternoon playing drinking games again until we went to the arena! We saw so many artists including; Marshmallow, Nicky Romero, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Armin Van Buuren, Stormzy, Sub Focus, Tom Zanetti & KO Kane, Timmy Trumpet, Laidback Luke, DVBBS ​​​

There was only 3 of us left by the end of the night, everyone had disappeared off, I’m not sure what time we headed back to the tents but it was well after midnight, grabbing a pizza on the way ( a proper stone oven baked pizza as well, wahoo!) 

Fourth Day!

Today was our last day at the festival then we were heading back home early the day after, we were all extremely ready to come home, we’d only been washing with baby wipes, we’d been relying on dry shampoo, we were sick of having to use portaloos and all dying for a proper meal but we were definitely going to enjoy our last day! Especially seeing Martin Garrix & Tiesto close the festival! We got ready and used all of our glitter on our last day! (Why not!) before starting to drink we tried our best to pack everything that we weren’t going to use up so it made it quicker and easier in the morning! Today we were doing our best to drink all the rest of the alcohol we had so we weren’t having to carry it all back to the cars as well! Again we played drinking games, listening to music, making some of our last memories there, enjoying the 26 degree heat we were more than happy! When it was time we headed back out to the arena and went to see; Don Diablo, Tiësto, Martin Garrix, Duke Dumont, Alesso, Eric Prydz ​

​By the end of it I’d managed to lose everyone so I messaged my other friend (my best friend) who was also at Creamfields and him and his pals came and met me which we carried on the party until around 5am 

Fifth Day!

Today was the day we were going back home, we woke at 7, packing up ready to leave early so we weren’t stuck in any traffic! (Oh how we were so wrong!) I left my blow up mattress and chair there so it was less to carry and our tent was left there too! After the long treck back to the car it was about 8:30 and everyone had already began queuing, it took just over 4 hours just to leave the car park!! Which was without the 2-3 hour normal drive back up north, after the queues on the motorways and also getting lost I finally walked into my house at about 5:30 (a whole 9 hours after getting to the car) I was well and truly knackered and more than happy to see my family and dogs again! Other than the whole camping, 4 days at Creamfields has certainly being one I won’t forget! 

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Hopefully it won’t be as long until next time! 

Beth xox

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