A list of 25 things that make ME happy!

I hadn't realised it's been almost a month since my last post, I've been super busy working, been poorly & had some bad family news so it's all just slipped my mind recently! So to get back into it all I thought I'd list 25 things that make me happy;

  1. Having a lie-in on a day off (I am so not a morning person!)
  2. New socks
  3. Whitening my teeth
  4. Wearing make-up (It makes me feel a whole different person)
  5. Buying new trainers
  6. Fresh new bed sheets (Always a winner to crawl into after a long night shift, thanks mum!)
  7. Going on buses/trains/planes (the whole traveling thing whether it's 30 minutes or 24 hours)
  8. Singing while hoovering upstairs
  9. Hot weather (which is very rare in England)
  10. Having a long hot bath on a night
  11. Enjoying a bottle of wine on a night off (Echo Falls £4 can't go wrong!)
  12. Helping someone in need
  13. Putting on a coat I haven't worn in a while and finding money in the pockets (especially when it's close to payday!)
  14. Eating chicken (I could live off chicken)
  15. Having a Saturday night off and going out out with friends
  16. A good brew (typical British girl, love a good cup of tea!)
  17. Having a movie night with my family
  18. Going to do some online shopping and finding out there's sale on, or free next day delivery
  19. Getting tattooed (6 & counting)
  20. When songs from when I was 13-16 come on the radio & all the memories come flooding in
  21. Listening to thunder storms (even though I hate the rain)
  22. The smell of petrol
  23. My Grandpa (my hero)
  24. Having 100% phone battery
  25. My British Bulldog (my baby)

Now you know a little bit more to be than just the fact that I'm going travelling! Know for sure I'm going to miss a lot of these things on the list!

As I hadn't posted in a while you can always follow me on my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook where I'm a lot more active, for now! (The links are at the top of my page)

Until next time!

Beth xox

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