My advice, DO IT! 

Anything that you want to do, you can do it! If you want it bad enough, you will do it. Stop sitting about in the same routine thinking “what if” or “I wish” it’s easier than you’ll imagine! Stuck in a constant cycle; waking up, going to work, coming home, going to sleep… for some that’s all they’ll want, an easy life and that is okay! For some, they dream of better. 

7 months ago, I was working my normal 28 hour weeks, going out on Friday/Saturday nights, enjoying being young. Until I finally thought, you know what, I’m bored, I’ve had enough, just do it already! I had only being friends with Charlotte a couple of weeks but we both had the same dream, going to Australia! Being each other’s push was what pulled us both so close together! But how would we do it?

 We found a company called ‘OzIntro‘ who would;

  • Pick you up from the airport & take you to your hostel
  • Provide you with a weeks worth of accommodation 
  • Give you a crazy mad week full of activities
  • Set you up with; an Australian bank account, a SIM card, a tax file number, Medicare card (the important stuff) 
  • Help you apply for your years visa 
  • Support you and help you get jobs over in Australia throughout your stay

As well as much more! Which altogether (including paying for the years working holiday visa) cost £788 which I thought was amazing considering I wouldn’t have a clue how to do it without their help! (There are other companies out there that do it similarly) OzIntro also cover Bali, Thailand & Vietnam too! So we thought realistically we would give ourselves a year to work and save up to help us out the most for while we’re over there! By the time we booked it (in March 2017) we had 11 months until our start date! So there we had that sorted, Charlotte came to mine we had a night out, drank plenty of prosecco, ended the night with cheesy chips & booked with OzIntro the morning after! And what better day to do it on than International Woman’s Day!  

So we booked OzIntro and paid half that day & half in April, that’s the best thing about it, that you don’t have to pay all at once, you can do monthly instalments or split it however you like! For us we just split it in two so we could push that aside! 

Onto the flights! So OzIntro suggested we book our flights with ‘STA Travel‘ as they could find you really good, cheap deals! So we were exchanging emails for quotes and flight dates etc with a guy called Zach, he told us all the information we needed to know so we could be sure. Through working hectic hours (40-70 hour weeks) me and Charlotte found a date we were both free to be able to meet up again to book our flights. This time I went through to Charlotte’s after I’d finished work, we went for a “couple” of vodka’s in “spoons” which resulted into a messy night! 

The morning after Zach called us up to which we booked our flight to leave in the early hours from Manchester airport on the 10th February 2018 to stop for 3 hours in Doha, to then continue and arrive in Sydney at 7pm on the 11th February 2018 ready to start activities at midday the next day! So hectic right! We got the best option going for us, which was a ‘flexi-return’ which meant we can change our return date up to 3 times without any charge, which helped reassure us that if we needed to get home for any reason or ran out of money, we would be okay, now I was expecting this to be around £1,300 however through the good deal we managed to find and from booking it a fair few months in advance, it only cost £711 bargain!! We payed our deposit on our flight!! To which as I write this, I am meeting Charlotte again in 4 days to pay the rest off and have a good old catch up! 

So that’s both OzIntro and our flights completely sorted, in the space of 5 months, obviously we have been saving at the same time as well as paying everything off and still managing to have a bit of fun at the same time! We’ve still got travel insurance to pay for but that’ll be no less than £200 for the year! Wahoo!! 

I have already got my backpack and started buying everything I’ll need for when I get there, it doesn’t seem like much, just taking a backpack and it’s really hard to decide if I do actually need certain things that I have here, my backpack is 120L which is massive and it is purple (my favourite colour) it is filling up very quickly and I still don’t go for another 7 months! Hahaha! How tiny do I look!! 

It seems like a really scary and daunting idea, just booking it and doing it, whether you’re doing it alone or with someone else, honestly you don’t have to worry! That’s the best thing about going with a company like OzIntro, you’ll meet so many others doing the same as you! I met Ciara on Twitter a month ago, who I’ve now become really good friends with who is now coming on the same OzIntro date and same flight as me & Charlotte and I honestly couldn’t be more excited to be doing my dream with people I’ve only known such a short space of time but who I’ve also grown such a strong friendship with already who have the same dream as me!!

So my advice to anyone who is wanting to go out there, see the world and travel, just do it, book it, give yourself a reasonable time to save and do it, do it do, it, it’ll be the best thing you’ll do! 

Until next time

Beth xox

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