A letter to myself, a year from now!

Hello future me, 21 year old me! – As I’m writing this I’m currently working the Saturday night, night shift, yep another one where I’m not out! Going from going out every weekend and changing to do night shifts is probably the best money saving option I could of ever done, you will know this because this change is what gave you the best chance for the adventure you’re on now! But I’m out at Jade’s engagement party next Saturday so I can make up for it! Wahoo! 

I know for a fact I’ll be in Australia this time next year, I’d of been out there 4 months! Was all the overtime worth it? Was the whole no days off, constantly working, barely livable social life worth it? Who knows quite where I’ll be in Australia but I know I’ll finally be able to say I have achieved my little life dream & if I can do this, then I can do anything I want with the rest of my future! I hope that in a years time I’ll be re-reading this, hopefully sat on a beach or living it up in a city! Or I could be grafting on a farm for my 2nd years visa! Who knows! 

Just remember how much changes in a year! A year ago from now I was battling dreadful anxiety & depression! From anxiety attacks if I was wearing anything other than black, white or burgundy! And depression, where sometimes I only left the house to go to work, hated being around friends, hated being out in public, I stuck to my mum and my now “ex” like glue! But I’ve battled that in the past year & now I’ve been medication free for almost 7 months! Go me, go you!

You’ve gone to Australia for all the crazy adventures to gain experience and to grow your confidence more! How’s it going? I bet you’re making crazy memories! Have you reunited with your family yet? Seen your Uncle & your cousins? I hope so! Have you been homesick? Don’t forget that this is what you’ve always wanted to do and Mum and Dad are right behind you! Make the most of this opportunity as you’ll be learning so much more from this than you will of been just being stuck in little old Pickering! Bet you miss the place though right? Who of thought it! Have you had a job yet? Is it easy to get a job? I’m sure you’ll of found something! Have you made new friends? From backpacking you’re bound to meet so many more people along the way, I’m sure you will have! Still discovering it all the Charlotte I hope! And Ciara, who I met through Twitter a few weeks ago who I’ve become close friends with too! She booked on the same date and same flight from Manchester as us, so I hope she’s still with us too! Are you messaging your friends back home regularly? Are they messaging you? What are they doing now? What do you plan on doing in the next 8 months of Australia? Will you stay out there longer than a year? (Right now I hope you do) 

I hope you achieve what you set out to do over there! I hope I gave me the best start over there with all the mad hours I’m currently doing & all the saving I’m doing now! I’m sure in a years time I’ll turn around and be so thankful to myself for giving me just what I needed, for getting on that 7:50am flight with just a backpack on me and 2 of my close friends by my side! We did it girls!! We got there! Now go and own it and have no regrets! Do it all, see it all, remember it all! You still have plenty of time to do it!

I hope present me has done future me proud! I’m looking forward to you reading this in a year!  

Until next time! 

Beth xox

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