Why am I Travelling? 

Why travel? It can be the scariest thought and your biggest “what if” I’ve always had the dream of travelling Australia since I was as young as 3 years old! Did I ever think I would be doing it? Nope, not for a moment, I mean I’ve been there on holiday when I was 12 for a month but did I think that 9 years later I would be returning with just a backpack to live out of for a year? Nope, not at all! 

Back in January I was umming and ahing; do I? Don’t I? I was so scared and unsure whether I could do it alone, but after my sleazy ex had got into a new relationship within no time at all, me and his ex Char had been exchanging Facebook messages and surprisingly it is probably one of the best decisions I made! I mean you’re probably thinking “your ex’s ex, no you can’t be doing that, it’s weird, it won’t work” cos inevitably you always hate the girl who was with your boyfriend before you right? But honestly, we had so much more in common than I ever imagined, she is now one of my closest best friends! We talk all day everyday and have the most best friendship in such a short space of months! Because we both have the same goals we went ahead and booked to go travelling Australia together, wahooo I didn’t have to be scared of travelling on my own anymore!! 

These are my top 8 reasons as to why I’m going backpacking!

  1. Learning to be more independent- See I’m 20 years old, I’m from just a small town and I don’t drive (I’ve failed my stupid theory 3 times by 1 mark, how annoying! uh) so obviously it’s a bus journey if I ever wanna go out of town! I rely on my mum to do my washing and cooking (I once tried cooking my mum a full English brekkie for Mother’s Day once, which gave her food poisoning! Oops sorry Mum!)  There will be no mum for me out there so I will have no choice, which excites me! 
  2. Learning to save money & budget- Now I used to be hopeless at saving! Online shopping is definitely my biggest downfall! 6 months ago I was having about 4 parcels being delivered a week! NIGHTMARE! They were nothing exciting, usually being clothes, clothes for nights out! But now I’m down to buying myself a treat once a month, anything else I buy is usually for my backpack! Budgeting is a massive one for me, before I increased my hours at work I was earning about £800-£900 a month, this was without paying rent and it would get to 2 weeks before payday and I’d genuinely have no more than £20 to last me! God knows how I managed to spend that amount of money! Honest sometimes I had less than £2 a few days before payday! It was horrid! Now I’ve increased my hours and work everyday (I’ve got 7 days off in 4 months at the moment) so I’m bringing home about £1,500 and paying rent, I’m then giving myself £200 to last me the month and putting everything else into my savings for Australia! So from going from spending £800-£900 a month to just £200 a month I’m already starting to learn! 
  3. The challenges- Going outside of my comfort zone is a major one for me! I hate insects, insects that crawl, fly, make strange noises, ugh it makes my skin crawl! And I’m going to Australia with some of the most dangerous animals on earth, how I’ll cope with the mosquitos and spiders is one of my challenges! Along with water, I can’t swim strongly and it’s one of my biggest fears! But with the activities we’ve got booked for our first week of OzIntro, we will be learning how to surf.. I maybe won’t get far at doing that! But I’ll sure as heck will be in that water!! 
  4. The memories for a lifetime- Omg how I cannot wait to make so many more memories! Discovering new places, making friends, getting lost, getting drunk, the laughs, the cries, the hellos, the goodbyes! Living in the cities, living by the beaches, living in the outback (with all the creepy crawlies, ahh!) Living in hostels, the best ones and the wretched ones! Getting flat shares in apartments! Meeting my Aussie family again! The sunrises, the sunsets! I can’t wait to discover my future memories!
  5. No commitments, no problems- Travel while I’m young, having no commitments gives you the best opportunities! I’ll be 21 when I leave, I’ve no children, no boyfriend, I’ve not got my own place, so therefore I have no problems, nothing holding me back, which gives me the best opportunity to go while I can! The whole “you’re only young once” right? 
  6. Meeting new people- You always have your “big group” of friends at school don’t you? Then a few months on, a year on you’re down to that select few! Now I see it all about quality not quantity! Through working constantly, I barely have time to spend much time with my friends, but we talk and spend time when we can, I know that whenever I need them, they’ll do their best to be there. However meeting new people while travelling means they have part to play in your memories, coming back home and having friends for life! Not all necessary from England like myself, therefore opening up new travel ideas to go and visit them and them coming and visiting here! 
  7. Achieving my dream- Like I’ve said, travelling Australia is what I’ve always dreamt of since I was as young as 3 years old, knowing that I’m all set to go and just saving now, I can’t explain how much it’ll mean to me to come home in 2019, maybe 2020 being able to say “I’ve done it, I achieved my dream” it already gives me goosebumps at the thought of it! 
  8. The future- Knowing that when I decide to come back from Australia, I’ll have a job waiting for me, what a relief! After travelling Australia I’ll be planning my next adventures! There’s so many countries I want to discover, so many cultures out there to learn about! After I’ve travelled Australia I know I’ll be strong enough and independent enough to go and do it! My ultimate future dream is to follow my Uncles footsteps and move and live in Australia eventually! Who knows what the future holds! It’s a beautiful world out there! 

Thank you for taking your time to read this post, if you’d like to see more inbetween add my Facebook, follow me on Instagram or Twitter or add me on snapchat as bethweb96 and dont forget to follow me on here!

Until next time! 

Beth xox 

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